About Us

In March of 1948, a group of mineral collectors met at the home of Dana Putnam in Rumford Corner, Maine and organized the "Oxford County Mineral and Gem Association." The purpose of the club is to bring together people who are interested in mineralogy and geology, in hopes that by exchange of information and specimens that all people may benefit. To also maintain the common interest by social meetings and friendly discussions. To
visit, as a group, mineral locations for the study and collection of Mineral
specimens. To encourage safety practices in the field. It shall also be the policy
of the club to award scholarships as funds allow.



What our club offers:
  1.  Monthly Meetings.  We have monthly meetings that are held at the Oxford Hills Middle School, the first Friday of every month at 7 pm. We have a program each month which consists of either a speaker teaching / talking to us about different characteristics of gem and minerals. There's always someone there who can help identify rocks that you may have. The public is always welcomed to come sit and listen to the discussions and talk to the members.                                                                                                                                     
  2. Gem show.  Our gem show is the second weekend of July and is held at the Telstar High School gymnasium. The gymnasium is filled with dealers specimens for sale and some for display only. There's something for everyone. From gems freshly mined, to jewelry and arts and crafts made with gems. We offer a Grand door prize and 2nd door prizes.                                                                                                                                                   
  3. Fieldtrips.  There are 2 field trips each month to different localities from May through the end of October. Many older knowledgeable members go on these trips so the novice collector will learn things quite quickly.
  4. Newsletter.  We have a monthly newsletter called The Pegmatite. Its jam packed with info pertaining to the club, upcoming events and fieldtrips, as well as all things gems in this great state of Maine.